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State Chapter Leads

The purpose of the SLJ state chapters is to convince Congress- at the local level- to return standard consumer protections (i.e. bankruptcy protections, statutes of limitations, and others) to student loans, and also end some of the draconian collection powers that exist uniquely for student loans, such as social security and disability garnishment. It is critical to have effective leaders for each state. Beyond using your real name, the requirements are few, but essential for achieving our goals:

1.  Have a true passion for, and understanding of our mission to return standard    
     consumer protections (bankruptcy, most notably) to all student loans.

2.  Understand the argument for this, and be able to communicate it publicly (this FAQ
     will help).

Beyond these requirements, chapter leads are free to lead their states in any way they feel is most appropriate (within the law), as long as the goal of returning standard consumer protections to all student loans (at a minimum) remains the top priority.

At the national level, we can assist you as our abilities and resources allow, but in general, the states are expected to be able to function largely as autonomous organizations, and are encouraged to act independently according to the unique characteristics of the states, and the people involved.

If you are interested in stepping up, please let us know, and include a bit about your background, your reasons for wanting to assume leadership for your state, and anything else you feel is pertinent.

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