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The Citizens Must Act.


We are a grass roots group seeking the swift return of standard bankruptcy protections and other consumer protections to all student loans in the U.S.   If you are a distressed borrower of any age, please use this site to tell your story, learn about the problem, meet others with similar situations, and above all, to take the actions necessary to compel Congress to serve the interests of the students and their families, at long last, and restore fairness to what has become a state-sponsored  predatory, and inflationary lending system.  



Relevant News :



       4/03/14:    White Paper: Flawed Analysis Disputing Student Loan Profitability

 Press Release: The Center for American Progress is Corrupted

         1/6/14:    Press Release: Astounding "tuition reserves" not limited to Wisconsin

        8/15/13:   The College Loan Scandal (Matt Taibbi)

         7/11/13:   "Fair Value" in an unfair system

        6/26/13:   The Student Loan Interest Rate Debate:  Another Distraction

  Restore Bankruptcy Protection to Student Loans

       11/02/12:   Press Release: Value of Defaults Grossly Underreported

       10/30/12:   Students still need basic lending protections

         9/20/12:   Romney-Ryan on Student Loans:  Crony Capitalism?

         8/27/12:   How to fix the Student Loan System

         8/15/12:   The Student Loan Crisis that can't be Gotten Rid Of (Moe Tkacik)

         4/25/12:   Beyond the Interest Rate Debate

         4/25/12:   Protester's New Front (Alex Zaitchik)

         4/23/12:   Time to Occupy the Department of Education?

           4/3/12:   Protecting Vulnerable Students

           3/31/12:   Big Government, Congressman Ryan, and Student Loans

          3/19/12:   Why College Costs So Much

              3/7/12:   Both Parties can "Occupy" the Student Loan Problem

              1/30/12:   Is there a Media Blackout of the Student Loan Crisis?

             1/23/12:   How to Fix the Student Loan Crisis (Lynn O'Shaughnessy)

              1/10/12:   Student Loans and Bankruptcy:  The Debate Continues

           12/29/11:   Should Student Loans be dischargeable in Bankruptcy?              8/13/11:   Why Removing Bankruptcy Protections is Incredibly Stupid

         5/5/11:   Citizen Action

        1/13/11:  White Paper: Government Profiting on Defaults

      12/20/10:  Democrats:  Restore at least One Protection Before You Go

      10/14/10:  Killer Loans (Stephanie Kraft)

 Press Release:  Student Loans Surpass Credit Card Debt

 Press Release:  Government Vastly Undercounts Defaults

         3/3/10:  Nader, others Send Letter to Secretary



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